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Blueberries are a versatile fruit that’s sweet, delicious, and full of healthful benefits. You can bake with our Del Monte® Blueberries, freeze them (in just four minutes!) for an on-the-go snack or mix them in with your yogurt. They’re also a favorite in jams and muffins, and some folks like to make blueberry sauce, which is particularly wonderful on pancakes. Experiment with our fresh blueberries and see what new favorites you can create.

  • Good source of Vitamin C, manganese and fiber
  • Rich in Vitamin K

Countries of Origin

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how to Select

Look for firm blueberries with a rich color. They should be dry, plump and have a smooth skin. They should be deep purple-blue to blue-black in color.

how to pRepaRe

Remove stems, wash and drain before eating or using.

how to StoRe

Blueberries should be kept dry and covered in the refrigerator. Do not wash until ready to use.